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We have been lending farmers a hand for many years in Otsego County and the surrounding areas, all the while building lasting relationships with fantastic members of our community.

Our focus on harvesting, planting, spraying, tilling, and fertilizing has allowed us to improve the welfare of many farms throughout the countryside vastly. Northern Michigan hospitality runs deep with us, and you can bet we love to assist our fellow farmers. Learn more about what we have to offer and how we might be able to lend you a helping hand with your crops.


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Custom Harvesting

Gordon Farms provides custom harvesting by using two combines for harvesting multiple crop types. Our IH 1460 Axial-Flow Combine is equipped with a 20’ 1020 Flex Header with an AWS Air Reel.

Additionally, the air reel provides the highest yield possible for directly combining crops. We also have access to a 6 Row Corn Head for or 1460 Combine.

We also own a Gleaner F3 that utilizes 13’ Rigid, 13’ Flex, and 4 Row Corn Headers. This Combine is used for remote field access and is great for harvesting cover crop seeds.

Both Combines are available for harvesting throughout Otsego County.

Gordon Farms

Custom Planting

Gordon Farms has your custom planting needs covered. Also, we have multiple Grain Drills, Conventional and No-Till, that will put your crop in the ground.

Moreover, No Tilling has become the new standard in-ground penetration, and we are here to bring it to your farm for you.

Gordon Farms

Custom Spraying

Accurate liquid application is one of the essential duties that today’s farmers are tasked with. Moreover, with custom spraying, a liquid form can provide nutrients, fungicides, or herbicides.

Further, we have recently invested in new spraying technology to pass the efficiency of mass area applications along to our clients. Also, we have two sprayers in our fleet to apply what you need when you need them.

Our 1500 Gallon 90′ Boom Sprayer Specialties pull behind the sprayer is the backbone of our operation. Furthermore, it is equipped with Raven GPS and Sprayer controls and paired with our Puma 175 for high production spraying duties. Moreover, it is not uncommon to cover over 70 acres per hour with this unit.

Additionally, our 300 Gallon 37′ Boom, Hardi TL 300 pull behind sprayer, is our backup sprayer. This sprayer also finds use on food plots and hard-to-access fields where the 90′ sprayer won’t fit in.

Gordon Farms

Custom Tillage

Whether it be a 200-acre field, 10-acre hayfield, a new bike path, or a Highway Right of Way, Gordon Farms is here to provide custom tillage to you.

Also, our fleet of late-model Case IH farm tractors is here to pull the implements you need.

We have provided tillage services to clients, including multiple landowners and construction companies around Otsego County.

Fertilizer Application

With our fertilizer application process, we buy fertilizer in bulk and pass the savings along to you. Moreover, if you want it delivered and applied, we can do that too.

Also, our GPS-equipped fleet allows for the accurate application of the required dose of nutrients for your crop. This process ensures that your fields get the nutrients they need.

We offer solid and liquid fertilizer applications to suit your specific needs. All of our fertilizer is supplied direct from Superior Fertilizer in Rosebush, MI.

Dedicated To Our Farms In Northern Michigan


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